Our People

Lowell Simpson

Global Chief Information Officer
The foundation of Content + Connections is the use of data and technology across the planning process. I lead the Global Data Solutions team, responsible for bringing data and technology to the forefront of the agency, which enables systems thinking.

Lowell develops and deploys new technology and applications as well as delivering bespoke integrations with external technology partners such as DoubleClick and Microsoft.

He joined MediaCom in 2008 as director of data solutions in the US and was promoted to his current role in December 2009. He has developed custom platforms for VW, Dell and P&G and also leads improvements in MediaCom's proprietary technology tools. He previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he built media, operational and financial management systems and processes.

Lowell is an avid ice hockey player and has represented Team Israel in selected exhibition games while continuing to play in various leagues in the North-east United States. He lives with his wife and two sons in Northern New Jersey.

What is your favourite ad campaign of all time?

My favourite ad (and campaign) was the VW Darth Vader ad that appeared during the Super Bowl ad break in 2013. The use of one of the most iconic villains from my childhood appearing in the form of a child's costume, only to be outwitted by his father, was priceless. The amount of effort put in to believe that he was Darth Vader and to then be rewarded was a fitting end.

The fact that people still talk about it years later is another reason it is still one of my favourites, on top of the fact my sons still watch it on YouTube!

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